Sunday, 20 July 2008

Music Search

Shazam is a well know service, which allows you to get information about must using your mobile phone. This is how it works. Lets say you're in a pub or club, and you hear a track for the first time. Theres nobody around to ask. Well, you can ring shazam on your mobile, hold the mobile up to the speaker for say 30 seconds and it will text you back with the result. Never used it myself, but people tell me it works rather well.

But they also offer music searching facilities on their web site. The search options include artist, album, track and all. Lets see how they work with the usual query set (with the all option):

Results brought back include information on Artists, Albums and Tracks 'labels'. There appears to be a limit of around 30 hits returned per 'label'. You can click on 'show all' to display more results for a particular 'label'.

Clicking on a link will allow you to find out more information on the particular item your are interested, particularly buy it from various places (e.g. iTunes). You can also listen to snippets.

Very simple interface, although the front page is quite busy, its easy to use the search and navigate the results.

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