Monday, 22 June 2009

200 not out!

As this is my 200th post for the Unix Spiders blog, I though I'd post something grand and sweeping. But first - what was the process of choosing it. Well - the stig has been revealed (continuing on from the motor racing theme of my last post), and in one of the videos I saw on the BBC web site, a song from the film 'The Road to Perdition' was played as Michael Schumacher removed the helmet to show himself thus.

I wanted to find the track on youtube, the only bit of evidence I had was the film name itself, and some idea that it was the theme for the film. The latter piece of evidence turned out to be incorrect, however just having the film name did allow me to find the piece of music I was looking for eventually - The Road to Chicago, by Thomas Newman. An interesting unknown item search in music IR, with partial information. Here is this piece:

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