Sunday, 28 June 2009

Music Search

Gracenote is a service based on CD meta-data which has been made into a business. More details from wikipedia, and relevant info on CDDB, based on this format. Hmm. not sure about this! Here's my attempt searching this system with the bowie/berlin query set.

I did loads of initial searches and got identical results for the Bowie queries, before I realized that I could refine the query to 'album' or 'track' - it seems to automatically assume you're looking for artist. I therefore did all the searches again, this time on with the 'album' tag chosen labeled 'Retry' above. Retries are with the album name only. Results were a lot better doing this. Clicking on the albums allows the user to buy the track (from itunes) or view the song lyrics. Otherwise a pretty basic service, with no audio options I could fine.

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