Thursday, 18 October 2007

OpenDoc Society: foundation Meeting

Now heres an idea - how about standards for document formats? The Open Document Society has been set up to address this issue. Think of those old files you can't read anymore, because the format is not supported. Or how about still being able to read a document in an older program (unlike Microsoft). The Society have an inital meeting in the Netherlands - here's the blurb:

OpenDoc Society has as its goal to promote Open Document Format and
other related standards and by this way to contribute to the durability
and accesibility of information. The most important areas of interest are:

1. Striving to accomplish an as complete as possible representation
of users, developers and other parties involved with ODF and
related standards.
2. Developing and maintaining formal and informal relations between
the national and international ODF community.
3. Offering information, expertise and other facilities on ODF and
related standards.
4. Promoting the accesibility of ODF for all individuals, groups and
5. Offering a platform for discussion and the sharing of
views on ODF
6. Cooperating with other organisations in the area of open document
standards to coordinate, collaborate and educate.
7. Offering services to help individuals, groups and organisations
use ODF effectively for communication, cooperation, education and
8. Contributing to durability and accessibility of information in
the public, commercial and private domain and daily usage
9. Stimulating innovation and new aplications of ODF.
10. Stimulating the use and development of ODF in general.

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