Thursday, 18 October 2007

Theme of the Unix Spiders blog, moderation policy

I've been thinking long and hard about what the role of this blog is, and perhaps what it is not.

Lets start with what it is not. I won't discuss currently political, moral, philosophical theological issues unless they are connected with library and information science or computer science (the broader discipine of informatics perhaps). For example I won't be posting any articles about climate change, unless there is an clear connection to informatics e.g. bibliometrics, or predictive models. I won't therefore allow comments which deviate from this policy.

I will disallow comments which are offensive, bigoted and use swearing. I'm happy to allow strongly held views to be posted to the blog, providing a good argument is made and no personal aspertions are made (you're stupid etc).

For the time being, I am the only person who will be posting to this blog. I may on occasion invite guest posts on particular subject which I think of interest.

I will post on my general research interests in informatics, largely related to either information retrieval or open source software development, my main teaching and research interests. I will occasionaly branch out into more general areas of informatics such as information policy, graphics, operating systems when I'm interested in it.

However, I be posting fun items, for example a series I have started on nostalgia (for example see the stringray theme tune page). These by in large will have a technological theme, but not always. In general however, I will try and relate it to my research interests, albeit tenious e.g. I'm interested in music IR, so will sometimes be posting links to music videos I like.

This policy may well change from time to time, and I will update this post accordingly.

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