Thursday, 17 July 2008

Music Search

Deezer is a service which provides "free music on demand without download". It has quite a busy start interface, with loads of options including start a smartradio, register sign in etc.

Query is by artist, title. Here's the usual query set:

These queries take you directly to the Album (mostly), links are provided above. Sometimes a few extra tracks are provided, say a song from the album also on a live album. Sometimes only a few tracks are provided. This is from the 'all' option on the search button. Others options available on the search button are 'Artist', 'Album' or 'Track'.

Search result also provides information on the artist, link to listen to the Album(s), watch videos of the songs (from YouTube).

There does appear to be limitations of some kind to the service, when trying the last search in the batch above nothing happened, and a 'radar' like image appear on the search button. I had to close the window down and start again.

I rather like this service, it provides information directly on the songs you want (mostly) and you can play the songs, link to them or even embed them like this:

Discover David Bowie!

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