Thursday, 17 July 2008

Music Search

MeeMix has quite a simple interface, with a text area inviting you to enter a song or an artist, and then click 'play'. Lets try it with the 'bowie berlin' query set:

  • David Bowie Low.

  • David Bowie "Heroes".

  • David Bowie lodger .

  • Iggy Pop lust for life.

  • David Bowie the man who sold the world.

  • David Bowie hunky dory.

  • David Bowie Aladdin Sane.

  • David Bowie ziggy stardust.

No links provided by search, so you'll have to enter them yourself. No good putting in the Album, it just looks either for 'song' or 'artist'. No, after a few searches it looks like just the 'artist'. "Heroes" just brings back stuff on 'Gym Class Heroes'. However if you press the close button, you can then choose from either. But you have to create a 'station'. hmm.

A single song is brought back, with which you can do a number of things. Clicking on the song you want, doesn't always bring up that song which is annoying.

There are a number of ways you can tell the system of your relevance needs. You can click a heart symbol to put it in 'favourites' or click a zero/strike through to block it. Much like the LastFM 'love' or 'ban' idea. You can also express your opinion on a continues scale from 'not' to 'hot' with a pivot point of zero. You can recommend in/for various websites e.g. Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon. You can also recommend it, which will allow the system to build a system a database of recommendations.

You can buy the CD, play the video.

You can 'meep it up', where the 1st 'e' in 'meep' is reversed. No idea what this concept is .... perhaps Mee People? Looks like playlist probably. They don't explain the term

You need to register to use some functionality of the interface, like recording your opinions.

When the song is finished, another song is played, not necessarily the same artist however (much like LastFM).

There are some other interesting continuous options 'surprise me' with new songs (towards the right), 'atmosphere' (either 'darker' or 'lighter' songs) or pulse (either 'relaxing' or 'party time').

It has a FAQ page if your interested.

Some nice ideas here, but it doesn't quite work as well as services like 'jogli' or 'songza'.

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